From 2006 through 2013 I was working in the Aircraft division of the Royal Netherlands Airforce. 2006 – 2010 as Head Engineering and Airworthiness at the Fighter and Training Aircraft department and  2010 – 2013 in the same position at the Transport and Tanker Aircraft department. The aircraft types in my responsibility were F-16, PC-7, C-130H, KDC-10, Gulfstream GIV and Donier 228 (coast guard). In these 7 years Mr. Eelco Keizer has been one of my managers in the Contract Division, mainly working on F-16 and C-130H contracts.

The Programs that stood out were on the F-16 “replacement of the wing and fuselage weapon station wiring” and on the C-130H “the Electronic Upgrade Modification, including the Airworthiness Certification” on the C-130H-30 aircraft and 2 C-130’s retrieved from the Arizona desert. These programs were costly and had a great impact on the capabilities of the RNLAF.

In the working relationship with Mr. Keizer two things stood out. First of all he has great knowledge in the processes of contracting, but also has more than average knowledge on the technical matters that influence the projects and programs. Myself also having experience in with procurement, finance and the procedures within the RNLAF, made discussions on how to proceed lively. We both understood the impact on all aspects in the programs and came up with the best approach for an acceptable way forward for the RNLAF and the mainly commercial partners.

After my carrier in the RNLAF had ended in 2013, Mr. Keizer and me kept our relationship up. The colleague had turned into a friend and we still appreciate the discussions on life as we live it.


Chris Groot