🛩 About Eelco Keizer

With 15+ years as a Project Procurement Officer in the Royal Netherlands Air Force, I offer unmatched expertise to aviation projects. Backed by hands-on experience, I excel in program and contract management.

🌟 Experience Highlights

Program and Contract Management

Specialising in unique programs, major modifications, and sensitive projects. Leveraging RNLAF experience, I excel in navigating program and contract complexities with precision.


Comprehensive Services

I handle full aviation procurement spectrum: project management, strategies, evaluation, negotiation, contracts, control, monitoring, and troubleshooting.


Notable Programs and Achievements

  • C-130 Transport Capacity Expansion: managed the acquisition of two C-130s from long-term storage at Davis Montan (AMAR), overseeing the  transport process to the UK and ensuring the aircraft's airworthiness.
  • C-130 Cabin Safety Modification: Implemented safety enhancements for personnel in the cargo hold of the C-130, simultaneously performed on the two aircraft retrieved from storage.
  • Self-Protection System Installation: the installation of  self-protection systems on the retrieved aircraft.
  • F-16 ULT Simulator Upgrade:  upgrade and modification of RNLAF F-16 ULT simulators from OFP M2.4 to M6.5, bridging a 13-year technology gap.
  • Engine Maintenance Contracts: Secured long-term full-service, maintenance, and support contracts for T-56 LFE and Rolls Royce Tay engines.
  • Aircraft Maintenance: Successfully managed heavy maintenance and 12 annual maintenance contracts for the C-130 and RNLAF KDC-10 aircraft.

Elevate your aviation projects with Eelco Keizer Aviation Support. Unmatched expertise and proven excellence guarantee extraordinary results.