Welcome to Eelco Keizer Aviation Support-Your Trusted Partner with 25 Years of Unparalleled Expertise in Aviation Project Procurement and Support.

✈️ Why Choose Eelco Keizer Aviation Support?

✈️ Proven Experience: With over 25 years in the aviation industry,  a wealth of knowledge and hands-on project experience.

✈️ Customised Solutions: Tailored to meet your aviation projects needs.

✈️ Efficient Processes: In conjunction  with your staff,  streamline processes , maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

✈️ Quality Standards: Committed to the highest quality standards,  in every aspect of our services.

✈️ My Specialisations

  • Aviation Project Procurement: From sourcing  to negotiating contracts, I excel in the procurement process.

  • Project Support: Comprehensive support throughout the project's lifecycle, ensuring smooth operations and successful outcomes.

  • Expertise in Project Management: Efficient project- and management control to keep aviation projects on track.

  • Supply Chain Management: Optimising your supply chain.

✈️ How I Can Help You

Looking to find reliable suppliers, optimise your procurement processes, or enhance overall project management, Eelco Keizer Aviation Support has the experience and skills to turn your goals into reality.

Why Partner With me?

  • Efficiency: Streamlined processes for efficient project execution.

  • Cost Savings: Maximising your budget without compromising quality.

  • Reliability: Trust in a partner with a proven track record in aviation project success.

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Over 15 years’ experience

as a Project Procurement Officer within the Royal Netherlands Air Force.